About the Indiana Kids’ Election

Voting is occasionally done by inspiration but is more often done by habit. Some students acquire this ability from their parents, but many do not. The Indiana State Bar Association is proud to once again partner with the Indiana Secretary of State and Indiana Department of Education to sponsor Indiana Kids’ Election (IKE), an award-winning community service program that provides students in grades K-12 with the hands-on experience of voting in a class or school-wide mock election.

Under Indiana law, schools must give instruction on the election process two weeks prior to a general election for grades 6-12. IKE helps Indiana schools meet this requirement by providing comprehensive curriculum guides, free of charge, to participating schools. The curriculum guides include grade-specific lessons and materials for a classroom or school election, and allow students of any grade level to experience voting milestones from registering to vote to casting a ballot on Election Day. Note: The IKE curriculum meets state academic standards and was developed by a team of Indiana educators.

Indiana attorneys also have the unique opportunity to participate in this program by volunteering for the IKE Speakers’ Bureau, where attorneys deliver one-hour classroom presentations on electing our leaders, making informed choices about candidates, political parties and much more.

While schools can sign up to participate any time leading up to Election Day, Nov. 6, you are encouraged to sign up on or before the voter registration deadline on Oct. 9, 2012.

Teachers sign up here. | Lawyers sign up here.